Com Home chose Solver Planning

After an evaluation period that started in June, Com Hem eventually chose Solver Planning from Solver. Solver's solution replaces the existing budget / planning system, and Com Hem also offers a data storage and BI solution specifically tailored for financial planning and reporting

About Com Home

Com Hem is one of Sweden's leading providers of broadband, television and telephony. About 40 percent of Sweden's households are connected to ComHem's network and have access to the widest range of broadcasting in the market. Com Home offers broadband speeds of up to 500 Mbit / s to 1.9 million households and is the operator in Sweden that delivers fastest broadband to most. Com Home has since 2013 a competitive offer of broadband and telephone services for companies as well. Com Home was established in 1983, has about 1,200 employees and headquarters in Stockholm.

The operations are conducted through the three subsidiaries Com Hem AB, Phonera Företag AB and iTUX Communication AB. Com Hems shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information, go to:

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